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Placement of your second shot is paramount on this uphill winding par 5. Keep it on the right side of the fairway to avoid the large oaks and to get an open look at the hole. Green has a severe contour line that creates a low front and high back.

The lower left arm of the fairway means carrying sand en route to the green. The high road right offers an easier approach but flirts with OB right. Green is contoured back to front.

The hole location dictates club selection up to three clubs from front to back. Trees and a pot bunker guard this green long and left. This contoured green slopes back to front and right to left.

You may not need driver off this tee as water can come into play. An oak forest and beach bunker make your approach shot appear tight. Green is slightly contoured and slopes back left to front right.

The trees on the right block your approach from anywhere but beyond the dogleg and left of fairway. This moderately contoured green slopes right to left. Be wary of the hidden pot bunker just off the back and right side of the green.

Prevailing wind off the water can wreak havoc with club selection. This heavily contoured green is long and narrow and can vary club choice up to four clubs. Green is divided into front and back sections, crowning at the center.

A straight and long tee shot through the shoot of trees to the left side of the fairway is ideal. Long approach to elevated bowl shaped green which slopes from back to front and right to left.

This dogleg left hole features a fairway which slopes from left to right. Aim to left side of the fairway and ball will kick to center. Green is moderately contoured and slopes from back to front.

Enjoy the view from the tee on this downhill par 5. Green might be reachable in two, however, safe lay-up allows for short iron approach to an elevated green which is wide in front and narrows in back.

This island golf hole plays wider and shorter than it first appears. The rough on the left kicks toward the water. You’ll be tempted to go for it in two, but the smart play is to hit an iron off the tee and to lay-up with your second shot. Green is framed with left and right bunkers and slopes from back right to left front.

There are no bunkers on this hole but there is plenty of trouble to be found. Left side of fairway kicks hard to water so place your tee shot on the right side of the fairway. This green slopes severely from back to front and is guarded on three sides by water.

A well positioned tee shot in the fairway sets up a tough decision with the second shot on this serpentine par 5. Hit a long fairway wood over the bridge to set up an easy approach or lay-up left for a slightly more difficult third shot. Green is small with gradual contour.

If you miss the green on this par 3, better to miss short and right than left. Left side is heavily guarded by bunkers and the DuPage River. Right side allows for a relatively easy up and down. The green is moderately contoured and slopes from back to front.

Your target is the 150-yard marker. Play your second over the DuPage River to a green featuring a severe contour line that runs across the center and slopes either way.

The shortest of our par 3 holes but by no means the easiest. The hole features a tiered green that is a three club difference from left to right and sports water in front and back.

One of the more difficult par 4 holes in the area. Play long and slightly left off the tee. Approach is the key to a high plateau, two-tiered green that is extremely contoured from back to front and well guarded by bunkers and water.

This uphill par four plays slightly longer than its yardage indicates and makes club selection on the approach a challenge. If the pin is low, be sure to leave your ball short of the pin on this elevated green. Multiple tiers make this green a challenge.

A tee shot long and slightly to the right of center sets up the best approach to this green. Trees completely block the approach from left side. The green is moderately contoured and slopes from back right to front left.